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Animal Emojis

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Bored with yellow smiley emojis everywhere?Get new generation emoticons of your lovable pets and animals. Idea is to bring some more fun in your life with these creatively & uniquely designed animal emoticons. Also you can share you love and give maximum awareness of pets and animals.
Go wild with our wide array of adorable animal emoticons. We’ve got the cutest collection of animals and they’re waiting for you to use them in your messages and chat sessions. Everyone is sure to love these cute animal emoticons when you send them along and you’ll enjoy selecting the perfect mascot for your messages! Choose one of these great emoticon pets and animals to pep up the fun on chat!
There is a set of symbols called Emojis or Emoticons or stickers that, when pasted into messages and chat boxes, are transformed into colorful images!
In this application you can find emoticons & stickers featuring your favorite animals from around the world! You can browse through them and use the ones that you like.
We have categorized with 15 funny animals you like most as below:- Lion Emojis- Tiger Emojis- Fox Emojis- Chicken Emojis- Rat Emojis- Hamster Emojis- Bear Emojis- Hedgehog Emojis- Panda Emojis- Penguin Emojis- Rabbit Emojis- Raccoon Emojis- Dog Emojis- Skunk Emojis- Wolf Emojis
This Animal Emoticons application is designed user friendly to make your texting experience more powerful. The chat head concept is a neat little concept, the app lives permanently on your screen through a floating bubble that you can move around anywhere on your phone screen. You can give access and revoke the permission for keyboard as chat head of application by simple settings.
We’ve made using our emoticons a simple process. All you need to do is scroll through our unique galleries of emoticons and send to your loved one by doing simply copy and paste.
Feel free to send them on Message, chats, paste them into your emails or blog and forum posts. We hope you love these graphics as much as we love animals!
Share your loved one pet or animal emojis with your friends and family.
Love Animals!! Save Animals!!